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Call for applications to a three-day SAFETAG training!

DefendDefenders is hosting a three-day training in Kampala to train participants in conducting digital security audits according to the SAFETAG framework ( The SAFETAG framework is specifically designed to offer auditors a guide on how to assess the digital risks of non-profit organisations working in challenging environments. 

Venue: To be announced (in Kampala, Uganda) 

Dates: 16 – 18 March 2020 (full days)

Who should apply: We are looking for technologists working in the field of human rights and/or media in Uganda, who possess at least one of the following attributes: 

  • Experience conducting digital security trainings;
  • Responsible for an organisation’s IT security; 
  • Helps/supports other organisations with their digital security due to your position and technical ability. 

Apply now! 

Please fill out this quick application form if you are interested in participating in the training.

The deadline is 3 March 2020. 

Selected participants will be notified by email.