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Safe Sisters

What is Safe Sisters?

It’s hard enough being a human rights defender (HRD) without having to worry about our technology betraying us. It’s not possible to expect everybody to keep up with the steps necessary to avoid viruses, loss of important files, spying, hacking, blackmail, account hijacking, and other unfun digital emergencies. On top of that, women HRDs especially face cyber-harassment and bullying online. East and Horn of Africa needs a league of women technologists working within civil society who can dispense appropriate advice and support for people facing these high-tech challenges. And that’s exactly what we hope to create with Safe Sister!

Safe Sisters
is a fellowship program for women HRDs that enable them to respond to the digital security challenges they face in their work and daily life. Through a combination of self-study, tool practice, mentorship, workshops, peer sharing, and small grants, these cohorts of women will join forces to take on the most pressing digital challenges that keep women from being able to live and be online safely.

Do you want to become a Safe Sister?
Check out the Safe Sisters digital safety guide!

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