Capacity Building

Raising the capacity of human rights defenders from the East and Horn of Africa sub-region.

To build the capacity of human rights defenders (HRDs) in the East and Horn of Africa sub-region is a vital part of DefendDefenders work. We aim to equip individual HRDs, EHAHRD-Net, and National HRD Coalitions in the sub-region on the following topics:
  • HRD protection mechanisms and security management;
  • Advocacy tools and strategies for HRDs;
  • Coalition building; and
  • Networking.


In order to achieve this goal, DefendDefenders organises trainings, conferences, and workshops, as well as action-based learning and mentoring to HRDs. Capacity Building program works in close collaboration with Advocacy, Research, and Communication program, Protection and Security Management program, as well as Resource Centre, which also facilitates for capacity building of HRDs.

Claiming Spaces: Tactical Tool for Human Rights Defenders.

Every year, DefendDefenders organises our annual flagship event Claiming Spaces: Tactical tools for HRDs – a week-long capacity building event for HRDs. The event is organised in different countries every year, and welcomes about 100 HRDs to enhance their skills in a various set of topics.

Check out Claiming Spaces!

Latest News


Announcing Ngao Yetu: Digital Security with Usable Tools

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