Capacity Building

Raising the capacity of human rights defenders from the East and Horn of Africa sub-region.

Our Work
To build the capacity of human rights defenders (HRDs) in the East and Horn of Africa sub-region is a vital part of DefendDefenders work.

We aim to equip individual HRDs, EHAHRD-Net, and national HRD coalitions in the sub-region in the areas of HRD protection mechanisms and security management, Advocacy tools and strategies for HRDs, HRD Coalition building, Networking. In order to achieve this goal, DefendDefenders organises trainings, conferences, and workshops, as well as action-based learning and mentoring to HRDs. 

Claiming Spaces: Tactical Tool for Human Rights Defenders.

Every year, DefendDefenders organises our annual flagship event Claiming Spaces: Tactical tools for HRDs – a week-long capacity building event for HRDs. The event is organised in different countries every year, and welcomes about 100 HRDs to enhance their skills in a various set of topics.

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Latest News

Updates from October 2020

Dear friends and colleagues, Election periods are critical for any democracy although often a challenging time in East and Horn of Africa sub-region, particularly for

Human Rights Defender of the Month: Andrew Gole

Andrew Gole’s journey to become a human rights defender (HRD) was sparked by a small request: in 2015, a human rights organisation reached out to the trained software engineer about a digital security training. “I didn’t know much about the HRD eco-system or about digital security as an environment on its own,” Andrew says. “So, I did some research, and realised digital security support is just the basic support I used to provide in an internet café.”

In Memory of Diallo Abdul Gadiry

To the family and friends of Diallo Abdul Gadiry   I am saddened by the news that my colleague and long-time friend Diallo Abdul Gadiry is no more. On behalf of