What is Ttaala? 

Ttaala is DefendDefenders’ comprehensive skills-building project for human rights defenders (HRDs) and human rights organisations. Ttaala illuminates HRDs of digital tools and strategies they can use to enhance their work. Ttaala participants learn how to survive and thrive defending human rights in the digital age while creating impact-driven projects. 

Organisations taking part in the Ttaala will access in-person workshops, on-site technical assistance, continuous virtual support, and access to a network of creative mentors. The goal of Ttaala is to build a collaborative community of HRDs working together on innovative digital projects. 

Our Curriculum

Data Literacy

Teaching essential data literacy, and data collection methods including form design and storage tools so HRDs can analyze their data.

Digital Security

Planning for and implementing digital security within projects and daily routines of HRDs to secure their sensitive work.

Online Advocacy

Planning online campaigns around advocacy goals, using social media and visual media tools to advocate effectively.

Our Success Stories

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Latest News

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DefendDefenders calls for applications from Uganda based human rights organisations to the Ttaala Digital Skills building Workshop 2022.   Ttaala is a comprehensive skills-building project for human rights defenders (HRDs), illuminating the world of digital tools and strategies.   The organisations taking

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Introduction to Ttaala Program

Ttaala is a comprehensive skill building project for human rights defenders (HRDs) illuminating the world of digital tools and strategies. We aim to equip civil society organisations with technical and