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Every day, human rights defenders (HRDs) in the East and Horn of Africa sub-region work tirelessly to make the promise of human rights a reality for all. However, in a sub-region that has experienced massive human rights abuses, long-term and large-scale impunity, single-party and military dictatorships, and civil war, speaking out on these issues inevitably leads to risk.

For more than a decade, DefendDefenders has taught HRDs how to recognize, assess, and counter threats, intimidation, and surveillance. But unfortunately, not all risks can be mitigated.

HRDs in need of emergency support can reach DefendDefenders 24 hours a day. When we receive a request for support we immediately initiate a rapid response process to verify claims, assess a defender’s need, and organize an appropriate intervention. We provide emergency responses such as legal advice, medical support, evacuation, and relocation. DefendDefenders also provides long-term support to HRDs, allowing them to continue their activism and avoid gaps in the struggle for human rights.

Your generous support makes it possible to protect those that put themselves at risk on the frontlines of defending human rights in one of the most dangerous sub-regions in the world. Donate now through Paypal with the button below: