Call for Applications: Regional Ttaala Digital Skills Building Workshop

Call for Applications:

Regional Ttaala Digital Skills Building Workshop




DefendDefenders calls for applications from East and Horn of Africa based human rights organisations to the Regional Ttaala Online Workshop.  

Ttaala is a comprehensive skills-building project for human rights defenders (HRDs), illuminating the world of digital tools and strategies. 


The organisations taking part in the workshop will access on-site technical assistance, continuous virtual support, and access to a network of creative mentors over a period of four days. 

This unique opportunity brings together human rights organisations from across the East and Horn of Africa region for intensive training and networking on how to strategically employ digital tools across the spectrum of data management, content development, digital security, and running live online campaigns and/or digital platforms. 

Ttaala is about lasting impact through organisational change. Participants and their organisations must be willing to learn in a fast-paced programme and should have the capacity and commitment to maximize their benefit from the programme. 


Applicants ought to: 
  • Apply on behalf of a human rights organisation based in East and Horn of Africa, which is actively engaged in defending human rights;
  • Have an existing digital project or idea they wish to bring into the workshop;
  • Have the internal technical capacity and relevant personnel committed to the workshop;
  • Have a need for data-driven campaigns and advocacy outcomes;
  • Have full organisational support for staff participation; and 
  • Have an open mind to learn and experiment with new digital tools and concepts. 


Participants will be able to take part in the workshop over a period of four days, with a curriculum co-developed by all participating organisations together with DefendDefenders, to ensure that learning is tailored to the needs of the group.  

The organisations will define and work on their own project throughout the course of participating in the workshop and receive support and mentorship in realising their project vision.

Participants will also become a member of our alumni network, including access to mentors, creatives, a mailing list, e-learning opportunities, and priority in subsequent events. 

All costs related to enabling participation in the online workshop will be covered by DefendDefenders.  



Selection into the Regional Ttaala Online Workshop is highly competitive. We encourage you to apply early and put your best foot forward. 


Phase 1Fill out this application form by 30 May 2021. 

Phase 2Interviews. 

Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed early June 2021. 

Phase 3Preparation for the Workshop.

If you are selected to attend the regional workshop, you must complete two online assignments that will be assigned by Ttaala, and send your certificates of completion.

The workshop will take place from the 27th September- 1st October unless otherwise communicated.


Women-led and minority-focused organisations are strongly encouraged to apply. For any inquiries, please contact [email protected]


The Ttaala Regional Workshop is generously supported by the Finnish Embassy in Uganda.


Human Rights Defender of the month: Veronica Almedom

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