Uganda: Open letter to Inspector General of Police

31 Ugandan and international human rights groups call upon the Ugandan Police Force to promptly, thoroughly, and transparently investigate a series of attacks on non-governmental organisations and human rights defenders.

ACHPR58: Joint oral statement on Sudan

The lives of civilians in Sudan’s conflict areas of Darfur, Blue Nile, and South Kordofan continue to be marred by armed conflict, insecurity, and serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law. Impunity for these abuses against civilians remains the norm. 5 CSOs urge the ACHPR to take action.

Sudan blocks civil society participation in UN-led human rights review

Four representatives of Sudanese civil society were intercepted by security officials at Khartoum International Airport on their way to a high level human rights meeting with diplomats in Geneva. 36 organisations and seven prominent Sudanese individuals condemn this blatant contempt for HRDs in Sudan and human rights in general.

Defenders Speaking Out: “Who will save the citizens of South Sudan if I stop my work?”

As the 31st session of the UN HRC comes to an end, our eyes turn to Geneva and the member states of the Council, awaiting a strong resolution establishing such a mechanism. Yesterday, we spoke to a journalist and human rights defender who was forced to flee South Sudan after his life was threatened by government security forces. His story shows once again the dire need for strong action by the Council.