Digital Security Training

Venue: KampalaDates: 1st Cohort in March and 2nd Cohort in April, 2023
Duration: 5 days each
Deadline:  03rd March, 2023.


DefendDefenders is hosting a free five (5) days residential in-person training for participants from Uganda. We will train participants in conducting digital security audits based on the SAFETAG framework ( The SAFETAG framework is specifically designed to offer auditors a guide on how to assess the digital risks of small non-profit organizations based and/or operating in a challenging environment. The training will take place in-person. The training is aimed at building and expanding a community of SAFETAG digital security auditors in Uganda who can in turn help their respective organizations and or communities.

Who should apply:We are looking for a Technologists working in the field of Human Rights and/or media in Uganda who possesses at least one of the attributes below: – A person with a background in Information Technology related field,  – A person with an interest in conducting digital security audits/assessments for CSOs,– A person with experience in conducting digital security trainings and/or Audits,– A person who is responsible for an organization’s IT and/or digital security,– A person who helps/supports other civil society organizations with their digital security due to the person’s position and technical ability.How to Apply:Please fill out this application form if you are interested in participating in this training.Selected participants will be notified by email.



Human Rights Defender of the month:Mary Pais Da Silva

On 17 February 2023, in Ethiopia’s rustic resort of Bishoftu, more than 5000Km from her homeland, Mary Da Silva was announced winner of the 2023 AfricanDefenders Shield Award, in the presence of hundreds of colleague human rights defenders from 36 African countries. It was a fitting validation for the Eswatini human rights lawyer, whose sense of empathy and sensitivity to injustice has been a defining hallmark of her career.
Born 45 years ago in Lubombo, eastern Eswatini, the last of 4 siblings, Mary attributes her values to her upbringing. Although she was born in Eswatini, her parents are originally from Mozambique, and only relocated to eSwatini at the start of the Mozambican civil war that lasted between 1977-1992, which ravaged families and displaced many others. As one of the earliest to escape and settle in Eswatini, Mary’s family shouldered the responsibility of being a gateway for many other Mozambicans escaping the violence in their country for a more peaceful and stable livelihood in Southern Africa. This experience was illuminating for Mary