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IFISO Vetting Coalition Congratulates New Somali President, Takes Stock of Challenges and Way Forward

IFISO Independent Vetting Coalition congratulates Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud on his election as President by Members of Parliament Monday. Recognizing the extraordinary and historic opportunity afforded by the new Federal Government of Somalia, IFISO calls for a break with the history of violence, corruption, and impunity in Somalia and looks to the leadership of President Sheikh Mohamoud to rectify the shortcomings of the End of Transition period.
Despite robust advocacy efforts premised on the End of Transition agreements requiring all Members of Parliament to demonstrate respect for human rights, IFISO regrets the swearing in of Members of Parliament rejected by the Technical Selection Committee. In addition the requirement that 30% of Members of Parliament be female has failed to be realized.
IFISO calls upon President Sheikh Mohamoud to mitigate these shortcomings through the selection of a qualified female for the post of Prime Minister as well as insisting on meeting the 30% female representation requirement through the forthcoming appointment of  a Council of  Ministers.
Furthermore, members of the Council of Ministers must be free of links to criminality and misuse of public resources, and represent the requisite skills and spirit of cooperation needed to consolidate the successes of the End of Transition.

IFISO Independent Vetting Coalition consists of representatives from all sectors of Somali society, and relies on voluntary contributions from national and international human rights organisations, media houses, grassroots movements, civil society, and other experts. The Coalition was assembled to independently monitor the End of Transition process to ensure warlords, perpetrators of war crimes, and those implicated in theft of public resources do not gain Post-Transition political power.
IFISO was launched in Mogadishu on 31st July 2012 with the participation of a large representation of Somali civil society. The work of IFISO has been recognized by national and international stakeholders for its role promoting transparency and accountability in the new Somali Federal Government.

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