PAHRD-Net is looking for a data intern (Kampala)

The Pan-African Africa Human Rights Defenders Network (PAHRD-Net) has opened an internship position for a dynamic and passionate candidate with intersecting interests in human rights and technology. The Data Intern will contribute to the development and release of a Pan-African Human Rights Defenders Index, an annual publication recording and tracking changes to situation of human rights defenders (HRDs) in Africa. The Index will track both the legal environment for the work of HRDs as well as incidences of attacks and other violations against HRDs. Data will be collected from various sources including the documentation work of the member networks of the PAHRD-Net.

Responsibilities include:

  • Contributing to the design of the HRD Index research project, including designation of indicators and data sources
  • Liaising with volunteers and stakeholders via phone, Skype, and email to collect data
  • Inputting information in a data entry system (spreadsheet or database)
  • Conducting supplementary online and media research into human rights cases
  • Contributing written summaries of data and data analysis

Candidates should possess the following qualities

  • Excellent English-language comprehension written-language skills
  • Excellent competence in IT,  internet research, and internet technologies
  • Ability to read, understanding, classify, and file information according to a set of indicators
  • Interest to learn and adapt new technological systems (databases)
  • Knowledge of other official languages of the African Union is an added advantage

The intern will work under the supervision of the Research and Information Management Officer of the Pan-African Human Rights Defenders Network, as hosted by the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project located in Nsambya, Kampala.

A modest monthly stipend is included in the internship.
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The position may include international travel thus the candidate should possess a passport. The length of internship is subject to discussion, and may range between 3 months to a year.
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Please send a letter of interest, a CV, and a sample of your writing to [email protected] before 16th August 2013


Human Rights Defender of the month: Esther Tawiah

In Ghana, Esther Tawiah is one of the loudest voices for women empowerment and gender. It is also why she is one of the most loathed. Born and raised in New-Tafo in the country’s eastern region, Esther grew up surrounded by a culture that frowned at the idea of women participating in public affairs, and witnessed firsthand, the backlash those who dared to challenge that cultural norm faced.

“I grew up in a society where ageism and sexism were so entrenched. As a young person, you weren’t supposed to give your opinion on public issues, especially if you were a woman. Women who dared to speak up were caricatured and branded as frustrated, unmarriageable prostitutes, all designed to shut them up,” she says.