Panel event on Somalia at the 7th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

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During the seventh session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, an EHAHRDP delegation that was attending the Council, organised, along with Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International and the National Union of Somali Journalists, an event on Somalia. Dr Ghanim Alnajjar, the now former Independent Expert, was one of the panellists. Considering the traditional lack of interest in Somalia this event generated substantial interest; it revealed a more general increase in attention accorded to the human rights situation in Somalia amongst the international community.


Human Rights Defender of the Month: Malab Alneel

Malab Alneel was only 20 when Sudan’s revolution started in December 2018, but she knew it was the moment to get involved: “I grew up in a house that was very political. All of my sisters are activists, my parents are very involved. Activism has always been there. But for me it started with the revolution. It just felt like a time for change.”


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