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Terms of Reference: Gender Capacity Strengthening (GCS) Programme

Terms of Reference: Gender Capacity Strengthening (GCS) Programme 

The SCC alliance is formed by: ABAAD, Amnesty International Netherlands, DefendDefenders and PAX. From 2021 to 2025, the alliance will be implementing a programme with the following key objectives: protect and strengthen civic space; pursue gender equality; support activists and youth leaders working on peace and human rights; and push for international regulation of external stress factors which facilitate/exacerbate violent conflict. Our alliance is named ‘Strengthening Civil Courage’ because we regard our support to the resilience of people and the ability of citizens and their communities to realize sustainable change on the ground, as the core of our work.

The SCC alliance has created a Gender Working Group (GWG), comprised of representatives from each of the SCC alliance member organizations, to support SCC alliance programme teams to develop and implement their work in line with the gender-related objectives described above. This support includes technical assistance to country teams (provided by gender advisers from ABAAD and PAX), and ensuring that the SCC programme has the appropriate policies, tools, and competencies in order to achieve its gender-related objectives.

The GWG, through PAX, is thus commissioning the development of a Gender Capacity Strengthening (GCS) Programme in order to develop the knowledge and skills of staff from SCC alliance organizations on gender-sensitivity within conflict transformation/peacebuilding, with a particular focus on gender-transformative programming. 


Objective of the Consultancy

The objective of the consultancy is to develop several modules to help complete the Gender Capacity Strengthening (GCS) Programme proposed by the GWG. This is meant to be done by drawing on existing resources and materials where possible and proposing and testing appropriate content and capacity strengthening formats to respond to the needs and objectives of the GCS Programme.


Application and Section Process

To apply for the consultancy, please submit the following to Ilse Wermink, [email protected]

  1. Curriculum Vitae detailing relevant experience related to this assignment
  2. A motivation letter (2 pages maximum), responding to the following questions
  • Which online/virtual capacity strengthening methodologies / tools (e.g. self-paced courses; virtual seminars; approaches to online facilitation) do you have experience with?
  • What would you say are the most important elements to consider when developing a curriculum / learning plan?
  • Do you have any initial thoughts on how you would ensure that the format and content of the GCS Programme are fit for purpose?
  1. Names and contact information of two professional references that can attest to your qualifications relevant to this assignment
  2. Proposed timeline and budget including:
  • estimated number of days needed to complete phases 1 and 2 of the assignment
  • proposed timeline for the completion of the assignment based on consultant’s availability between November 2021 and early 2022.
  • total budget (consultant’s daily rate and any other foreseeable expenses linked to the assignment)


Deadline for applications: Monday 15 November 2021 


For more information, contact Ilse Wermink, Policy Advisor on Gender, Peace and Security at [email protected]


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