The current situation of HRDs in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Sudan

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The Chairperson of the EHAHRD-Net undertook an advocacy mission to Washington in June 2008 in order to raise awareness of the current plight of HRDs in Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan amongst get decision-makers notably in the State Department and Congress. The mission also sought to ensure that human rights are placed at the heart of future responses to the crises in the region. EHAHRDP also hoped to encourage key stakeholders to use their influence to push for an end to impunity in the Horn of Africa and for the establishment of independent and impartial accountability mechanisms.  A series of events were organised during the visit notably a roundtable, hosted by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Freedom House, which sought to discuss the issue of impunity in the region and was attended by over 60 individuals from key NGOs and government agencies.


EXILE SHALL NOT SILENCE US! A podcast series on African human rights defenders in exile

Based on research that collected the testimonies of more than 120 HRDs, in-depth case studies, and live interviews with four exiled HRDs, Exile Shall Not Silence Us is a podcast series that highlights the professional, security, socio-economic, and psychosocial challenges of HRDs in exile in Africa, but most of all their achievements and resilience strategies.


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