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VIDEO: Baptism by Fire: Kenya’s HRDs and the Post-Election Violence

No single narrative explains the wave of violence that swept through Kenya after the disputed elections of December 2007. Some observers maintain that it was an organised effort by politicians.
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Others point at the deep ethnic and social divides that were cultivated during the colonial period.
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Whatever combination of factors contributed to the crisis, ultimately they led to the killing of as many as 1.
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500 people and displacement of another 600.000.

This video follows several Kenyan human rights defenders forced to step away from their country following tensions surrounding their country’s post-election violence, and the long-lasting impact the event had on Kenyan civil society through the creation of the Kenyan National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders.

Production of this video has been made possible with the generous support of the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and Austrian Development Cooperation.

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