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Website design using WordPress

One of the most common misconception about WordPress is that it is just a blogging platform, to answer that, it is not! 

While WordPress started as a blogging tool, it has evolved throughout the years into a powerful website builder and a robust content management system (CMS). The best part about WordPress is that it’s easy to use and flexible enough to make different types of websites. And…it is free! 

Most people start using WordPress without any prior knowledge of designing websites and WordPress is the perfect solution because there are thousands of free website templates (themes) that you can choose from. There is a perfect WordPress theme for just about every kind of website (whether it’s a blog, business site, or an NGO). WordPress themes are easy to customise because a lot of them come with their own options panel allowing you to change colors, upload logo, change the background, create beautiful sliders, and truly customise it to your needs without writing any code at all. 

While the WordPress software itself is free, you need a domain name and web hosting to install it. A domain name is the address of your website on the internet. This is what your users type in their browser’s address bar to access your website (for example, 

You can also add custom functionality to your WordPress site by using plugins. WordPress plugins are like apps for your website that you can use to add advanced features like analytics, contact forms, membership area, and more. Just like themes, there are thousands of free and premium plugins available for you to use. 

Also, you do not have to worry about knowing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which increases the quality and quantity of website traffic. WordPress is very SEO friendly out of the box. You can also use WordPress SEO plugins to further optimise your website. 

WordPress is developed with security in mind, and it is considered to be a very safe and secure platform to run a website. Let us not forget that WordPress supports embed-enabled websites which means you can embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, tweets, and Soundcloud audio by just pasting the URL in the WordPress post editor. 

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