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Welcome to the New EHAHRDP Website

Welcome to the newly refreshed and relaunched website of the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project (EHAHRDP)!

As the tools with which human rights defenders conduct their work grow and become more complex, EHAHRDP strives to keep pace with technological changes and to serve our stakeholders in the best way possible. As this organization grows in years we continue to amass an increasingly large library of content which remains relevant to human rights defenders, the interested public, academics, governments, intergovernmental bodies, and the media.  In order to make this archive accessible, to present ourselves to the world in a clear way, and to incorporate our social media activities we have undertaken this refresh of our website.

We hope that the largest improvement in this site is the increased ease users will have in finding the information they seek. Visitors unfamiliar to the site can find basic information about EHARHDP under ‘About us’.  Researchers will find up-to-date country profiles in the top menu, can browse content by country through the map above, or can browse our content thematically through the links under ‘Browse our Archive’. Other new features include a secure contact form, a new system of categorization for organizing our content, automatic translation into French, Arabic, and Swahili, and the presence of our Twitter feed in the sidebars.

The primary objective of these changes to our website has been to create an effective tool for human rights defenders as they seek the information and links to the services that they need.

Work on this site remains ongoing as we add new features and additional content. Keep an eye on this website for those changes and bear with us as you find the odd bug or error as we try to implement future changes. In particular we are looking forward to adding more context-sensitive information to the sidebars of this site as you browse the content, as well as the implementation of a new system for easily browsing our archive for desired information. We are also still working on building our publications and resource lists.

We express our gratitude to Huridocs for supporting the development of this website from start to finish, and also to Eugene Nyawara for the visually appealing design and the quick and professional work. More generally we acknowledge the open source software community and particularly the many creators of WordPress for their role in bringing this powerful content management system to the public.

We hope you enjoy this new site as it serves as our home on the World Wide Web. Comments are invited to be emailed to research [at], while inquiries not related to the website may be sent through the contact form linked from the menu above.

In solidarity,

The East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project


Human Rights Defender of the month: Apollo Mukasa

Apollo Mukasa’s journey into activism is deeply rooted in his commitment to advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs). As the Executive Director of Uganda National Action on Physical Disability (UNAPD), Apollo is a driving force behind initiatives aimed at combating discrimination among PWDs. UNAPD was established in 1998 as a platform for voicing concerns of persons with physical disabilities to realise a barrier free environment where they can enjoy their rights to the fullest.