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When will the truth be revealed about the assassination of Ernest Manirumva?

Two years after the assassination of Ernest Manirumva, former Vice-President of the AntiCorruption and Economic Malpractice Observatory (OLUCOME), the Burundian justice system is struggling to shed light on this crime and investigations remain incomplete.

On this occasion, the signatories of this statement:

1. Express concern at the slowness of the Burundian justice system in handling the case of the assassination of Ernest Manirumva.

After the trial opened at the Bujumbura Appeals Court on 14 July 2010 and the first hearing was adjourned one month later, it has taken a further four months to issue summonses for all the accused persons.

 Similarly, more than two months after the Bujumbura Appeals Court ruled that the case should be transferred to the Intermediate Court of Bujumbura, some of the accused, notably those with no fixed address, have still not been issued with a summons and the date for the next hearing has not been set.

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