Defenders in Focus (July-December 2011) Newsletter

Dear Members, Partners and Friends,

Please find here the most recent issue of EHAHRDP Newsletter “Defenders in Focus” compiled for the benefit of members and partners of the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Network (EHAHRD-Net).

The newsletter offers an overview of some of the activities which EHAHRDP has undertaken from July to December 2011 and gives an outlook on upcoming events.
As the Secretariat, we would like to encourage active involvement of all members in the work of the Network and welcome your suggestions, comments and recommendations both on passed and forthcoming activities.


Hassan Shire Sheikh

Defenders in Focus


EXILE SHALL NOT SILENCE US! A podcast series on African human rights defenders in exile

Based on research that collected the testimonies of more than 120 HRDs, in-depth case studies, and live interviews with four exiled HRDs, Exile Shall Not Silence Us is a podcast series that highlights the professional, security, socio-economic, and psychosocial challenges of HRDs in exile in Africa, but most of all their achievements and resilience strategies.


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