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The Human Rights Council should strengthen its action on Eritrea

As human rights violations continue with impunity in Eritrea, authorities refuse to cooperate with the UN human rights system, and Eritrean forces are accused of atrocities in relation to the Tigray conflict, over 40 NGOs urge states to adopt a resolution that extends the mandate of the Special Rap­por­teur on the hu­man rights situation in Eritrea. 

The discussion will take place during the UN Human Rights Council’s 50th session (HRC50, 13 June-8 July 2022). 

The signatories also urge states to “move beyond merely pro­ce­dural reso­lutions,” that is, to strengthen the Council’s annual resolution on Eritrea by adding elements that clearly describe and condemn violations Eritrean authorities com­mit at home and abroad. 


Read the letter in English (French version / version française).